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The iD API gives developers the ability to create and manage their own custom iD Apps and components and extend on the existing suite of clever iD Apps to integrate all new functionality, tailored specifically to your requirements.

Built in the .NET framework, the iD API has been designed to allow new Apps and components to integrate with the existing iD framework, inheriting properties including Style Sheets and Security.

Content from Third Party Apps such as SharePoint, CRM’s or HR systems can also be surfaced within iD via the iD API, displaying information from all your internal systems into one central repository.


Create custom iD Apps tailored to meet your unique requirements;

Surface information from other systems including, but not limited to SharePoint, CRM’s, HR Systems etc;

Add new components to extend functionality of iD CMS pages.

The iD API is available on any iD installation running version 4.0 or higher. NB: A a sound knowledge of both the iD user interface and object orientated programming using Microsoft .NET Framework languages such as VB.NET or C# is required to use the iD API.

All the information required to get started with the iD API can be found in Developer Resources, including:

Getting Started Guide

iD API Documentation

Developer Forums