iD Applications
Front End Apps
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In this section, you will find information regarding iD's extensive suite of over 40 ready-made, out of the box applications including iD CMS, News and Document Manager. Learn how to get the most out of iD’s intuitive and easy to use applications and in doing so, improve your business processes and productivity.

Below is a list of the included applications. Detailed descriptions of functionality, step by step guidelines and online tutorial videos have been created to demonstrate each application.

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Acronym Manager  Acronym Manager  Ad Manager  Ad Manager  Banner Viewer  Banner Viewer    Brand Manager
   Clever Tools    Company Calendar    Contact Manager    Content Publisher
   Digital Assets Library   Document Manager   Employee Training   e-Newsletter
  e-Postcards   FAQ   File Express   Forms Manager
  Forum   iD CMS / Wiki   iD Themes   iFrame Portlets
  Image Library   Layout Manager   Meeting Room Booking   Nav Editor
  News   Online Forms   People Search   Phonebooks
  Process Tool   Project Space   Quick Links   Quick Poll
  Enterprise Search   SharePoint Connector   Site List   Social Media Integration
  Sports Tipping   Staff Offers   Statistics Reporter   Survey Manager
  Travel Agent   User Manager   World Time