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Create organized and searchable lists of answers to frequently asked questions. Users also have the ability to comment and rate the usefulness of information. The FAQ application provides a way of creating and grouping frequently asked questions and placing them onto the intranet.

FAQs are categorized into 'instances', each of which can be placed separately on the subsite layout using Layout Manager. An 'instance' is a collection of FAQs that can be taken from a shared repository spanning the whole intranet. FAQs can further be categorized into relevant groups.


Add questions and answers easily through iD's powerful admin interface.

Organize your information in categories for fast and efficient access.

Front End search feature for quickly locating a question.

Give users the ability to comment and submit ratings on the usefulness of information.

Comprehensive Admin management of different sets of questions and sharing throughout subsites.

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To create a FAQ section for your subsite you need to first create a group of questions to add to your subsite. See below for step by step instructions:

  • Create a group to add the related questions to.
  • Once all the required questions and answers have been created, you need to create an 'instance' in order for the newly created FAQ to be added to your subsite.
  • Select which question groups you would like displayed in the instance.
  • Once the 'instance' has been created you can add it to your subsite using Layout Manager (see image below).

Step by Step Instructions

Advanced Options:


Adding a new instance

Editing an existing instance

Deleting an existing instance

Importing FAQs

Comments Reporter


Adding a new group

Editing an existing group

Deleting an existing group


Adding a new question

Editing an existing question

Approving a question

Deleting an existing question  


Front End Options

Adding a comment to the Front End

Rating an FAQ on the Front End


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