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Forms Manager allows you to coordinate groups of forms required for specific tasks. Streamline administrative processes by storing all forms in a single location and swiftly find them based on requirement, task or scenario. A 'form' is a document that can be downloaded by users of the intranet or link to an existing online form. A 'scenario' is a collection of forms (which can be from multiple categories) that may be used in a particular situation. For example, there may be a scenario for transferring to a new location. Forms for notifying payroll, changing a phone number and getting equipment transferred may all be listed in this scenario.


Create tasks and add relevant forms

Load forms into the repository or maintain a link to their existing location

Catalog forms using multiple category levels

Search for forms via requirement, task or scenario

Download forms to your PC

Add additional information / descriptions for forms

Step by Step Instructions


Adding a new region

Editing an existing region

Deleting an existing region

Assigning a subsite to a region


Adding a new folder

Editing an existing folder

Deleting an existing folder




Adding a new form

Editing an existing form

Deleting an existing form

Scenario Groups

Add a new scenario group by selecting the Add Folder icon

Editing an existing scenario group

Deleting an existing scenario group




Adding a new scenario

Editing an existing scenario

Deleting an existing scenario

Folder Permissions



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