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The Forum application facilitates a multi-threaded online discussion which allows users to share ideas, post questions and have general discussions.

Forum provides a method for users of the intranet to communicate with one another. It consists of topics which can be created in the administration system or by users of the Front End of the intranet. Users can add a post to any topic available to them. The administrator can set whether users are able to edit or delete posts once they have been submitted.


Add, edit and delete threads on any topic

Multi-threaded discussion

Create / Suggest Topics depending on access level

Option for administrative moderating or automatic publishing

Replies are associated with particular messages

Automatic archiving function

               Forum Instructional Video                           Forum FAQs

Step by Step Instructions

Advanced options, these should be completed initially to set up the structure:


Adding a new category

Editing an existing category

Deleting an existing category

Sub Categories

Adding a new sub category

Editing an existing sub category

Deleting an existing sub category


Adding a new emote

Editing an existing emote

Deleting an existing emote

Forum Administration

User Profiles



Adding a new topic

Editing an existing topic

Deleting an existing topic


Adding a new post

Editing an existing post

Deleting an existing post

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