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The User Manager tool allows website users to log in and out of iD, as well as view their User Details, Access to Online Forms, pending Company Calendar events and access their Notification settings. User Manager does not have a section in the iD Admin system as it requires no configuration settings. Instead it is added to a subsite through Layout Manager or the Bread Crumb Bar.

When the User Manager is placed in the Breadcrumb Bar, or the top header in the Layout of a subsite, it provides the logged in user with a drop down list of options to:

  • View their account details
  • View and Manage their Online Forms
  • View and Manage their Company Calendar Events
  • Manage their Front End Notifications:
    • Remove Notifications
    • Assign Notifications (Full Control Users only)
    • Manage My Notifications


Step by Step Instructions

Adding User Manager to a subsite

Removing User Manager from a subsite

Adding User Manager to the Bread Crumb Bar of a subsite

Removing User Manager from the Bread Crumb Bar of a subsite

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