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Acronym Manager
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Acronym Manager allows you to store and maintain an updatable list of industry / company related terms, definitions and acronyms. Users can search the intranet for acronyms or terms and are then displayed with the meaning and description of the acronym or term. Users can also submit acronyms through the intranet if relevant security access has been granted in the administration system.


Add, edit and delete acronyms / terms

Have acronyms / terms approved by an administrator before being displayed

Email notification of new acronyms / terms

Can be added to any page via a page template

Statistics on each acronyms' / terms' use

View the Acronym Manager
Instructional Video

Step by Step Instructions


Adding a new acronym

Editing an existing acronym

Approving an existing acronym

Deleting an existing acronym

How to "undelete" an acronym

Approving acronyms

Showing the list of approved acronyms

Editing the email


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