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Ad Manager
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Ad Manager allows you to create and display banners on your site to advertise everything from your latest product launch to the company family day. By placing advertisements on the intranet in various locations, you will be able to direct users to specific content.


Add, edit and delete banners

Maintain a list of available banner sizes and locations

Randomly display banners from the list of active banners with weighted priority

Banners can be added to any page via a page template

            Ad Manager Instructional Video


            Ad Manager FAQ 

Step by Step Instructions

Advanced Options, these should be completed initially to set up the structure


Adding a new ad size

Editing an existing ad size

Deleting an existing ad size

Adding a new ad location

Editing an existing ad location

Deleting an existing ad location

Adding a new ad category

Editing an existing ad category

Deleting an existing ad category

Adding a new ad

Editing an existing ad

Deleting an existing ad

Managing the location of an ad

Insert a shared ad

Insert an existing ad

Add and insert a new ad

Changing the priority of an ad in a location

Removing an ad from a location

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