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Brand Manager is an important resource for organizations to manage their most important asset, their brand/logo/identity. Brand Manager can function as an extranet resource making the tool available to external agencies. Each brand stored in Brand Manager can have a number of libraries associated with it. A Library is a collection of items specific to the brand and may include files, email addresses and links to relevant websites. For example, there may be an 'Icon Library' which includes various versions of the brand's icon and the email address of the creator of the logo.


Keep track of styleguides, templates, company fonts, logos

Multiple brand categories / archives to store multiple brand / product information

Manage access levels / permissions via password protection

View the Brand Manager
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Step by Step Instructions

Advanced Options, these should be completed initially to set up the structure

Adding a new default folder

Editing an existing default folder

Deleting an existing default folder

Adding a new file type

Editing an existing file type

Deleting an existing file type

Adding a new brand/folder

Add a new brand

Add a new folder

Add a new folder to an existing brand/folder

Editing an existing brand/folder
Deleting an existing brand/folder 




Adding a new library

Editing an existing library

Deleting an existing library


Adding a new item

Editing an existing item

Deleting an existing item

How to "undelete" a brand/folder or library


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