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Digital Assets Library
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Digital Assets Library provides a storage system for assets of a digital nature, for example photos, presentations, videos, multimedia and audio recordings. Each item can hold multiple files should you wish to have a high quality and lower quality version available. Users of the intranet can navigate through categories or search for the digital assets by name, description or item type.


Add, edit and delete

Maintain folders

Filter by folders or search

Each item can be stored in multiple formats and/or resolutions

Step by Step Instructions

Advanced options, these should be completed initially to set up the structure

Adding a new file type

Editing an existing file type

Deleting an existing file type

Adding a new folder

Editing an existing folder

Deleting an existing folder

Moving a folder

How to "undelete" a folder


Adding a new item

Edit an existing item

Delete an existing item

How to "undelete" an item

Approving items

Folder Permissions




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