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Send messages, invitations, greetings and more to anyone in your organization with a series of topical e-Postcards. This application allows you to create e-Postcards that can be sent from the intranet to other users of the intranet (Note: Only Intranet DASHBOARD users will be able to view the e-Postcards). The home site can maintain a collection of global e-Postcards accessible in all subsites, however, each subsite can also maintain a collection of their own e-Postcards.


Add, edit and delete e-Postcards

Messages completely customizable

Recipient is notified of a new e-Postcard by email

Step by Step Instructions

Advanced Options, these should be completed initially to set up the structure

Adding a new category

Editing an existing category

Adding a new template


Deleting an existing template

Downloading an existing template


Adding a new e-Postcard

Editing an existing e-Postcard

Deleting an existing e-Postcard

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