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Employee Training
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Employee Training stores a collection of internal and external training courses available to users. Users can view the details of all available courses through the intranet, nominate to enroll in them and are then informed via email of the status of their enrollment.


Add, edit and delete course information

Process online course applications

Users are able to search course information

Step by Step Instructions

Advanced Options, these should be completed initially to set up the structure


Adding a new region

Editing an existing region

Deleting an existing region

Course Types

Add a new course type

Edit an existing course type

Delete an existing course type

Job Functions

Add a new job function

Edit an existing job function

Delete an existing job function

Course Templates

Add a new course template

Edit an existing course template

Delete an existing course template

Deleting an archived course

Edit Emails

Adding a new folder

Editing an existing folder

Deleting an existing folder



Adding a new course

Adding a new course from a template

Editing an existing course

Deleting an existing course

Adding a user to the course owners list

Archiving an existing course

Changing the status of an enrollment

Responding to an application

Viewing enrollment reports

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