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Avoid firewall email size restrictions by using File Express to distribute large files to multiple recipients. File Express provides a method for users of the intranet to send files to one another. Instead of emailing documents to each other which can often be troublesome with current file sizes and mail restrictions, users can upload the file(s) to the intranet, then email a link to another user. This link can be copied after the file(s) are uploaded or choose to have the link emailed to them. When this link is selected, the user will be taken to a page listing the document/file(s) that were uploaded. They can then select which document/file they would like to download. In the administration system, there is a file log which contains all of the files that have been uploaded.


File Express was created specifically to handle large files that may be blocked by email firewalls

Upload binary files, word docs, powerpoint, excel, zip, ms project, etc. with virtually no restrictions on what can be uploaded

Distribute the URL of the uploaded file(s) via email for colleagues to download

Upload multiple files per session and create a single hyperlink to the file set

Delete files after a specified period

View all files that have been uploaded

Step by Step Instructions

View the file log

Cleaning the file log

Editing the information email

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