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iD CMS is a component-based web content management system, governed by templates, multiple levels of security and pre-defined publishing rights i.e. editing, viewing, deleting, creating, approving, etc. iD CMS allows for Front End inline creation and editing of web pages through an easy to use, drag and drop interface. Sophisticated, yet simple to use web publishing and content management.


Create, edit and delete web pages

Inline editing – frontend ‘drag and drop’ WYSIWYG editing

Inbuilt components – e.g. Image Maker, Formatted Text, News, Quicklinks and Word Publisher etc.

Build Components - use the iD API to build custom components

Governance based on templates, stylesheets & permissions

Pick up template modifications at the page level

Approvals workflow

Version Control

Shared components

Collaborative publishing

Inbuilt Image Editing

Support for multi-lingual character sets 

            iD CMS Instructional Video


           iD CMS FAQ 

For more detailed information on the functionality provided by iD CMS further help has been divided into the following sub-sections:
Key Concepts
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Several key concepts governing operation and access to the iD CMS tool are listed below.  

Page States - Live, Staging & Draft

Editing Toolbar - Pages

Editing Toolbar - Templates

Hyperlink Control


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Folders provide the ability to structure the content contained within iD CMS, allowing for content to be organized and secured as required.

For more information on Folders please refer to the sections listed below.


Managing Folders

Creating a Folder

Editing a Folder

Deleting a Folder

Moving a Folder

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Templates are the basis of all Pages within
iD CMS. Templates set the underlying structure and rules for what can be added/edited when a page is created within iD CMS.

For more infomation on Templates please refer to the sections listed below.


Creating a Template

Editing a Template

Deleting a Template

Copying a Template

Default Templates

Adding a new Component to an existing Template

Update Page Template

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Pages are how content is displayed within iD CMS. Pages have their own URL within the system and are what a user sees when navigating to content within iD CMS

For more information on Pages please refer to the sections listed below.


Creating a Page

Editing a Page

Deleting a Page

Moving a Page

Default Pages

Layout Pages

Update Page Template

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Components are the building blocks of Pages in iD CMS. Each Page is composed of one or more components e.g. a Page may include a "Heading" component at the top of the page and a "Formatted Text" component for the body of the page.

For more information on Components please refer to the sections below.


Component Listing

Custom Components

Shared Components



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The iD API gives developers the ability to create and manage their own iD CMS components.

For more information on the iD API please refer to the sections below:

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Introductory Instructional Video

There are a number of instructional videos included within the iD Help site.The following video provides an introduction on how to create a new page within the iD CMS tool (Please Note: There are a number of other instructional videos included on the specific iD Help pages for the features of iD CMS):