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SharePoint Connector
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The SharePoint Connector is an application designed to enable SharePoint content to be surfaced within your iD intranet. It does this by allowing authorized users to import List Views from an externally installed SharePoint site and display them within an iD CMS content page.

When this SharePoint content is updated, the List Views are simultaneously updated and all changes reflected in iD, allowing for the seamless display of SharePoint content via your intranet.

iD’s SharePoint Connector eliminates SharePoint silos around your organization and allows valuable knowledge and information to be shared.

It is the first iD application developed using the iD API.


Enables SharePoint content to be surfaced within your iD intranet

Acts as a window into SharePoint for intranet users, pulling in content and displaying it via iD’s easy to use interface

Displays Task Lists and Document Libraries seamlessly within iD

Step by Step Instructions


Download iD's FREE SharePoint Connector


Install SharePoint Connector 


Configure SharePoint Connector

Adding SharePoint Connector to an existing Template and iD CMS page

Adding SharePoint Connector to a new Template and iD CMS page

Configuring SharePoint Connector Component Properties

Selecting SharePoint content to be displayed


Share Component


Remove Component


Configuration Troubleshooting


Instructional Video

The following instructional video provides an introduction to the use of the SharePoint API component.

The example demonstrates how a particular view of the contents of a SharePoint Document Library can be automatically displayed in an iD site.

The SharePoint Document Library in the example contains a custom "Status" field. Once that custom status field is updated to "Push to Intranet" for a document it appears in the "Intranet Display" View of the SharePoint Document Library. The "Intranet Display" view is then configured to display within iD through the SharePoint API component. As a result, as soon as the status of a document is updated to "Push to Intranet"  that document immediately appears within iD.