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Layout Manager allows you to create and maintain multiple layout templates to customize the locations of applications in your site.

Layout Manager is a tool that allows you to set up the screen layout for your subsite's intranet site. Templates provide options for the basic structure of your intranet, including particular application that can be locked. When creating a layout for a particular subsite, you can select an existing template and then modify which applications you would like to have on your subsite. Applications can be easily moved around the subsite by dragging them to the desired location.

Some applications (eg Subsite Admin) do not exist in the Layout Manager as this information is not accessible by users of the intranet. Some applications appear only once in the list (eg as Employee Training, Company Calendar) so the application can be placed on the intranet. Other applications appear multiple times in the list (eg News, Quick Links) depending on how many categories have been created within them; the different categories can all be placed on the layout if required.

(Note: applications do not need to be placed on the layout in order to be accessible. You could instead use the Clever Tools application which links directly to a select list of applications; the Navigation Menu can also be used to link directly to an application as can a link in a published page).


Powerful, flexible and easy to use

Intuitive 'drag and drop' interface

Position multiple instances of particular applications

View the Layout Manager
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Step by Step Instructions


Creating a new template

Editing an existing template

Deleting an existing template


Creating a layout using an existing template

Editing an existing layout

Applying an existing layout

Deleting an existing layout

iFrame Portlets

Adding a new iFrame Portlet

Editing an existing iFrame Portlet

Deleting an existing iFrame Portlet

Editing the details of an application in Layout Manager

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