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Meeting Room Booking
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Maintain and manage an electronic booking system for your company's meeting rooms. The maintenance of meeting room locations, rooms, facilities, facility managers and caterers can be maintained from any subsite in the Administration. 

There are a series of locations at which meetings can be held. A location is the site of the meeting rooms and it must provide sufficient information so by just specifying the room name it can be located. Each location has rooms available for booking, and each room can have various facilities available (e.g. whiteboard). A facility manager can be assigned to handle all the facilities in one or more location(s). When users of the intranet make a booking, contact details of the appropriate facility manager are provided. The facility managers are also sent an email with details of the booking and the requested facilities. Caterers can also be assigned for the different locations and their contact details are provided to users of the intranet when they make a booking.

The process for adding and editing the room bookings is managed entirely via the Front End of the intranet. Security governs what users can see and do within this application from the Front End of the Intranet. Users view/book/edit/delete room bookings depending on their security status for each room. If you would like to address security set-up for this application, click here.


Electronic bookings

Multiple office locations

Maintain the list of meeting rooms in each location

Add notes to each booking including an special meeting requirements

Manage and request facilities for a meeting room (e.g. Audio Visual, Data projector)

Directly organize catering requirements




            Meeting Room Booking  Instructional Video



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Find out how to Create and Manage facilities as a Administrator of the intranet.

Front End
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Find out how to View and Manage your facility bookings as a Front End User of the intranet.

Help for Earlier Versions
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Not on version 5.1? Here is the help information for Meeting Room Booking pre version 5.1: