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Facilitate simple and intuitive navigation through your site and subsites with Nav Editor. With up to three levels, the Nav Editor provides an easy way for users of the intranet to navigate through the subsite. Generally, it will contain links to pages within the subsite, however it can also contain links to other pages on the intranet, or on external websites. Intranet DASHBOARD provides two navigation types; vertical and horizontal. The horizontal navigation can be subsite specific or can be applied as a global navigation across your intranet. The vertical navigation is specific to each subsite, however 'Compulsory Nav Items' can be assigned which will automatically appear on every subsite and can only be edited through the home site. This allows you to standardize the navigation by placing relevant links on every subsite for intranet users; for example, 'forms' or 'policies and procedures'.


Add, edit and delete navigation items

Add documents, HTML pages, subsites (e.g. departments, locations) as menu items

Give each page an intuitive URL as your site grows organically

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Step by Step Instructions

Adding a new Nav Bar

Adding a new Nav Bar - Vertical

Adding a new Nav Bar - Horizontal

Editing an existing Nav Bar

Editing an existing Nav Bar - Vertical

Editing an existing Nav Bar - Horizontal

Deleting an existing Nav Bar

Sharing a Nav Bar

Compulsory Nav Items

Editing the Home Link

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