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Publish important company news, announcements and information across the various areas of your site. News allows you to display a list of news items to users of the intranet. Categories of news are created and articles can be published to an individual subsite or shared across many subsites.


Add, edit and delete news items

Full rich text editing features including hyperlinks

News can be approved by an administrator prior to being displayed

Display captioned images with your article

Give each article a priority in the list of new items

New headlines can be added to any page via a page template

Facility to attach a downloadable file to an article

           News Instructional Video                             News FAQs

Step by Step Instructions

Advanced Options, these should be completed initially to set up the structure

Adding a new category

Editing an existing category

Deleting an existing category

News User Permissions

Subsite Submission Privilege



     News Articles:

    Adding a new article

    Editing an existing article

    Approving an existing article 

    Deleting an existing article

    Copying or Linking an article from a subsite 

    RSS News feeds:

    Adding an RSS News feed

    Editing an existing RSS News feed

    Deleting an existing RSS News feed

    Testing an RSS News feed connection


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