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The Process Tool allows you to create processes by grouping any number of webpages together in a logical, controlled flow. You can also track users through the processes created. For example, you may need to review who has read your new workplace safety manual.

Process Tool allows to store multiple processes in Intranet DASHBOARD. Specific to a particular subsite, a Process is a step by step guide you can create that is relevant to the users of the current subsite. For each step, you can either display a content page or link to an external website. The user can completed the required actions for the step and then progress to the next step.

After a process has been created, administrators can copy the link to the process and either send it to users, or publish it on the intranet. Access to the process can be restricted to particular users.

In the administration system you can view details of which users have completed the process and also what stage of the process users are currently at.


Create process workflows quickly and easily

Add, edit and delete steps in a process

Monitor the progress of users throughout a process (eg compliance tracking)

Administrators and users can be automatically contacted on completion of a process

Powerful admin interface allows for processes to be subsite specific or company wide

Step by Step Instructions


Adding a new folder

Editing an existing folder

Deleting an existing folder


Adding a new process

Editing an existing process

Viewing an active process

Deleting an existing process

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