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Project Space is an online workspace built for project teams. It allows online collaboration on projects, virtual team activities and group discussion across the organization, regardless of location. Intranet DASHBOARD allows projects to be created from the Front End of the intranet. These projects can be created, accessed and totally managed through the Front End using Project Space. By default intranet users can only access projects they are a member of. Through the administration system, you can nominate selected users of the intranet to be 'super adminstrators'. Super administrators can be created for a subsite, allowing that user to access all created projects in the subsite.


Efficiently and effectively run projects from one central site with distributed members

Store relevant project documentation and assets in an easily managed central location

Maintain a list of project team details

Use the project devoted applications to manage communications (eg Forum, News, Project Calendar)

Enhance your knowledge management strategy by building on a history of past projects


                    Project Space Instructional Video                       Project Space FAQs

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