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Statistics Reporter allows users to view comprehensive statistics and metrics which provide vital feedback on the major components of your site. There are 3 types of statistics you can view through Intranet DASHBOARD: general stats, application stats and subsite group stats. The statistics are based on the number of Impressions (a visit to a page on the intranet). General Stats allow you to view the number of impressions for each page in your subsite; Application Stats allow you to view details of the activity within each application; Subsite Group Stats allow you to compare the number of visits between subsite groups and also between subsites within a group.


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Output to Excel or external 'slice and dice' datamining software that gives different views on the statistics

iD applications have built-in statistics and metrics

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Statistics Reports

Viewing general statistics

Viewing application statistics

Viewing subsite group statistics

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Processing statistics

Advanced statistic processing

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