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Travel Agent
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A virtual "travel agent'" which allows users to research eating locations, accommodation and travel news. Users can also submit their own recommendations and ratings.

Travel Agent provides a centralized hub for all travel and travel-related communications from within your company. There are five areas in travel agent; travel center, hotel guide, travel news, forum and advanced options.

Hotel Guide provides a means for storing the details of hotel for users' information. These details are stored in the administration system, and can be viewed on the intranet. You can store facts about the hotel, link to their website and include additional comments.

Travel News is displayed on the intranet when users select Travel Agent; this allows you to communicate any important news to users who may be travelling.

Travel Agent's Forum provides a method for users of the intranet to communicate with one another about travel information. Users can write reviews of restaurants, attractions and airlines. Users can also search for reviews by category and location, and can vote for and add comments to existing reviews. Reviews are automatically approved, and so will be available immediately.


Search a database of eating locations, accommodation and essential travel information

Submit reviews and add ratings

Add and browse travel news

Intuitive search function

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Step by Step Instructions


Adding a new State/Province

Editing an existing State/Province

Deleting an existing State/Province

Travel Center

Adding a new Travel Center page

Editing an existing Travel Center page

Deleting an existing Travel Center page


Editing an existing review

Deleting an existing review post

Deleting an existing review

Hotel Guides

Adding a new hotel

Adding a new hotel link

Editing an existing hotel

Editing an existing hotel link

Deleting an existing hotel

Deleting an existing hotel link

Travel News

Adding a news article

Editing an existing news article

Deleting an existing news article

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