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Coordinate your meetings with the rest of the world by knowing what time it is in every major city. World Time allows you to store the time zone of cities all over the world. Users of the intranet can then select two cities to work out the time difference; a list of corresponding times for the two cities is displayed. Users can also select to view the hour-by-hour correspoding times for two time zones. Intranet DASHBOARD comes with a list of time zones which can be edited if required. You can then add cities to these time zones to provide easy access to time zone information to your employees.


Easily view the difference in time zones between any two locations

World Time will remember which locations you previously selected for quick repetitive referencing

Daylight Savings time is automatically adjusted in each time zone

                   World Time FAQs    

Step by Step Instructions

Time Zones

Adding a new time zone

Editing an existing time zone

Deleting an existing time zone


Adding a new city

Editing an existing city

Deleting an existing city


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