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We provide various services to get you up and running with Intranet DASHBOARD. These include:

iD consulting services

Consulting Services

All project work is managed by a designated project manager who coordinates the relevant resources to get your project delivered on time and on budget. All project resources are product experts and have extensive experience in delivering and implementing intranet “best practice”.

Scoping/Requirements Gathering – Our consultants can perform a thorough analysis of your organization's intranet and communication requirements. This includes but is not limited to; site navigation, security, page layout, design and prioritization of  the tools to initially be used in the site. We will then formalize discussions in a detailed report with our recommendations.

Site Builds – Our consultants will use outcomes from requirements gathering exercises to build the overall site structure required; creating an environment for your content owners to start migrating content to and evolving your intranet.

Education & Training
– Our training team offers a range of online, instructor-led iD training courses that run for one-hour and provide training in both basic and the more advanced concepts of iD. To view our training catalogue visit:
We also offer personalized onsite and online training sessions to be held within your organization for your Administrators, Content Editors and System Admins in addition to customized application training. Training sessions follow a set structure; however they can be amended to suit the particulars of your installation and setup.

Persona Analysis/Testing – Our consultants work with key client staff members to test the proposed intranet architecture. Testing is facilitated by predefined scenarios developed for end users as well a review of the test results and appropriate updates to the intranet information architecture.

Styleguides – As part of our design services, our designers can document the corporate color and imagery treatment for future use in the site. The guide ensures visual consistency, helps develop brand awareness and provides an understanding of company values to employees.

Mentoring – iD’s mentoring program is designed to advise and guide clients through the initial months of implementation, the intranet roll out, and future growth of the site. Weekly work-in-progress meetings ensure thorough analysis and scrutiny of your intranet by expert iD staff.

Governance – Our business analysts can help to create a governance strategy for the intranet that sets operational rules and parameters around the future direction of the site. This ensures the intranet development follows a strategic, planned growth pattern. The Governance Strategy will detail the site objectives, responsibilities, roles and permissions required for effectively administering the system and publishing content.

Site Health Checks – For customers who have been using iD for over 6 months, we can perform an analysis of your site with the aim of identifying improvements in information management efficiency and layout. As part of the analysis we recommend tools from the iD suite you may not currently be utilizing as well as information architecture improvements such as structure, navigation and security options. A report with all the findings and recommendations is prepared.

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iD front end design services

Front End Design Customization 

Front End Design – iD’s creative team have designed intranet front end themes for more than 1000 customers worldwide. Our designer’s assess each client’s individual corporate design requirements and prepare a design mockup for review and discussion. The finished themes then get installed onto the server and are ready to be deployed within the site.

Design - Intranet DASHBOARD will build a theme for your intranet, reflecting your organization’s branding and internal communication goals. View our Intranet Design Portfolio to see examples of what we can do for you.

Portfolio - iD is extremely flexible and themes can be readily created to meet your specific design requirements. Take a look at some of our client themes – the possibilities are endless.

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