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Intranet DASHBOARD is licensed by subscription, based on the number of end users/named seats. To license an Intranet DASHBOARD installation a license file with a number of seats assigned is installed on the web server in the \bin directory of the Intranet DASHBOARD installation.

The number of seats assigned to an installation of Intranet DASHBOARD provides the following restrictions:

The number of Website (Front End) User or Admin User accounts that can be created

The number of Website (Front End) User sessions that can be concurrently active (where the same account is used by multiple users)

License information and files are available from the iD Shop. Please contact if you require your account details

Intranet DASHBOARD is initially installed with a trial license that is valid for 30 days. The trial license file (Trial.lic) is located in the \bin directory of an iD installation - by default with will be c:\program files\Intranet DASHBOARD\wwwroot\bin

To purchase additional seats for your iD license please contact

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