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The security model within iD can be applied at multiple levels (i.e. per-subsite, per-folder, per-page) across multiple publishing roles (i.e. contributors, editors, full control, etc.). This flexible security model enables you to deploy basic or sophisticated publishing protocols for all levels of staff.  From here you can control who publishes and reads content on the intranet as well as restrict who can access information, i.e. deny access.

Security can be applied at the Subsite level (i.e. inherited by relevant applications within that subsite), however you also have the flexibility to change security settings at the Application level.

View process for applying security: Apply Security to a Subsite

The following diagram shows the actions that can be taken by users at each security level:


Application Security

Select items below to review how security is applied within each application, controlling who can publish and read content on the intranet:

     Acronym Manager        Digital Assets Library        Meeting Room Booking
     Brand Manager           Document Manager         News
     Company Calendar         Forms Manager         Online Forms 
     Contact Manager         Forum          Process Tool
     iD CMS        Image Library          


Advanced Security Settings

Changing the Security Mode

 IP Based Security

iD Security Hierarchy

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