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A subsite is a specific site within Intranet DASHBOARD that can be customized to suit the needs of a particular group of people, department or region. Each subsite can be given a different layout, and may have access to only certain applications. Some applications have elements that are system-wide, but also elements that are specific to each subsite. For example, a news article can be published only within the subsite, or a news article may be published on all subsites.


Add, edit and delete subsites

Customize subsites to suit different departments or groups of users

Add your company logo to the subsite header

View the Subsites
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Subsite Groups

Adding a new subsite group

Editing an existing subsite group

Deleting an existing subsite group


Adding a new subsite

Editing an existing subsite

Deleting an existing subsite

Subsite Admin

Editing an existing subsite's details

Viewing events in the error log

Viewing the Admin Report

Generic Components

Recycle Bin

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