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Expired Items
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The Expired Items page allows you to view all expired Content Publisher documents on any subsite. You are also able to extend the expiry, delete or edit the applicable documents. (Note: This functionality only applies to Content Publisher which is an Intranet DASHBOARD legacy application)

This process is conducted through The Admin console of iD. You will need to ensure that you are logged into the admin before conducting this process.  

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Select Expired Items from the Utilities menu

  2. Using the Day(s) drop-down list, select which expired items should be displayed

  3. A list of the applicable expired items will be displayed

  4. You can now Edit or Delete a document using the applicable buttons. Documents that are deleted will be moved to the Content Publisher recycle bin of the subsite they belong to

  5. To extend the expiry of one or more documents, check the box next to the desired document(s) and select Extend Expiry from the Actions drop-down

  6. Click OK

  7. This will set the Expiry Date to 20 days ahead of the current date

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