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Generic Components
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Generic Components are found in the footer on the Front End of the intranet. Users are able to subscribe to content as well as comment and/or rate its effectiveness.

Generic Components is a collection of tools to help users interact with content and keep users up to date and engaged with the content they are interested in. This is managed by Administrators and can be turned on/off on a per subsite and per app basis within the iD Admin.


Generic Component Information:


Applications with Generic Component functionality (ie. Notifications, Comments and Ratings):

  • Company Calendar
  • Digital Assets Library
  • Document Manager
  • FAQ
  • Forum
  • iD CMS
  • Image Library
  • News
  • Staff Offers


To manage these components, users need access to the Generic Component Manager.


Step by Step Instructions

This process is conducted through The Admin console of iD. You will need to ensure that you are logged into the admin before conducting this process.


  1. Within the Applications Explorer menu, select the relevant subsite in which you wish to make changes

  2. Select the first item in the Applications list called Subsite Admin

  3. Select the Generic Component Manager

  4. From the Generic Component Manager List, select the application you wish to turn on/off the Generic Component properties for


  5. Select or deselect the Generic Component properties check box for the different types of levels e.g. for Document Manager you can turn on or off the Ratings, Comments or Notifications for a particular folder, document or the entire app

  6. Select the Apply or OK to save your changes


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