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Single Sign On
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Single Sign On (SSO) is a tool which is used to provide automatic login between Intranet DASHBOARD and other sites on the network. (eg if an Intranet DASHBOARD user follows a link to an external site that is in the Single Sign On network, then the user's login details will be passed to the site and they will be logged in automatically.

Single Sign On capabilities allow your intranet to be configured, at the initial point of log in, to pass on encrypted username details to other web applications within your system. Once the initial log-in has been completed successfully, users will not be required to enter a new set of log-in details for each application they require access to. This not only grants external users quick, easy and secure access to your internal system, but also acts to establish your intranet as a gateway or central access point for all users, ensuring important information is not missed by users bypassing the system.

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