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Security: iD Authentication Options
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Intranet DASHBOARD provides three different security modes in which users are authenticated when accessing the site. 

  • Login mode
  • Login on Demand mode
  • Active Directory mode

Login authentication mode
All users must enter login details via a web-based form before they can access the website. Users must be added as website users in the admin of Intranet DASHBOARD by an administrator. No anonymous access will be available under this security mode

Login On Demand authentication mode
Similar to Login mode where users are created by the administrator through the website users in the iD admin although by default all users are first logged into the website anonymously. A user can login at any time (or be forced to login by an administrator) with their login details via a web-based form and then access secure areas restricted to their account

Active Directory authentication mode
When the web server is part of a Windows domain, domain users credentials are automatically passed to Intranet DASHBOARD when they first visit the site within each browsing session. Users may be part of the same domain or domains within the same 'forest'. Security can then be assigned to areas of the website based on AD users, groups and domains. Users that are not part of the domain will be prompted to login (via a popup login prompt) and subsequently users that are unable to login will be assigned 'anonymous' access

(Note: The Active Directory option is only available if the server is a member of a Microsoft Active Directory domain)

Setting the Authentication Mode

This process is conducted through The Admin console of iD and can only be performed by an Admin user with Superuser permission level.

The Frontend Security Type controls the way website users login to your intranet, follow the instructions below to set your Frontend Security mode.

  1. Select Config Settings from the Utilities menu
  2. Scroll down the list of config settings and select Frontend Security Type
  3. Use the Value drop-down list to select the applicable security type


  4. Click the Update Settings button to save changes and then the Refresh Settings button for the changes to take effect.


Can iD run in multiple authentication modes?

There is the ability to run more than one authentication mode at a time within an Intranet DASHBOARD installation. This is based on the IP Address (or a defined IP range) of the workstation that the user is accessing the site from.

For example, if extranet access is required to the site then the installation can be set to run in ActiveDirectory mode for internal requests and Login mode for external requests. Click here for more information on the IP Based Security feature.

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